Berlin –

Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen


Brandenburgische Strasse 17
10707 Berlin
U: Konstanzer Strasse


+49 30 873 2085


The front of this shop looks more like a deserted department store than a revered confectionery in the original Bauhaus building from 1928. The shop is something so unusual in Berlin as a shop that has survived two world wars, Erich Hamann started making chocolate in 1912 around the corner but moved in 1928 into the then state of the art new Bauhaus building. Today his great grandson runs the business.

This chocolate store is a haven for the chocolate connoisseur; dark, rich and bitter exquisite bars are the area of expertise produced in the factory behind this beautiful shop.

Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen
Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm