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How Drones and Robots Are Changing Business

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There are plenty of good things about the fact robotics and drone technology is becoming more advanced and more accessible – not least the fact that it is now possible for people to buy their own personal drones and robots to have fun with! Of course, no matter how cool and interesting it is experimenting with your own Follow Me Drone or night vision quadcopter, drones and robots are also used for less exciting but incredibly useful purposes too. In businesses all over the world, investment in Read more [...]

Your Guide to Manchester’s Luxury Hotels

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Whether you’re off for the weekend to support one of Manchester’s football teams or you’re heading to Manchester Arena to see a show, there’s no better way of experiencing Manchester than in one of the many luxury hotels on offer. If you’re off to Manchester for a short stay, have a look at one of the hotels below to see if any of them suit your requirements. 1. Hotel Gotham Hotel Gotham offers a unique stay for visitors travelling from all over the world. The hotel is known to have Read more [...]

Tips to Planning a Cheap and Luxurious Destination Wedding

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Over the past few decades, there have been many brides and grooms who have chosen to pass on traditional church weddings and have chosen to wed in an exotic location instead. There are many reasons why couples choose this option, and the most common reason is budget concerns. For example, when couples choose a Villa Punto de Vista destination wedding villa, only close family members and friends will be able to attend the wedding. This will spare couples from expenses like large receptions. Whatever Read more [...]

How to stay relaxed on business trips

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Are you a frequent flyer that is constantly jetting off around the world from one business trip to another? Are you starting to feel like you live between planes and hotels? Constantly flying can be hugely unsettling for your body, with different time zones affecting your sleeping patterns and giving you jet lag. Also, if like many, you try to use all of your flight time to do work, then you’re probably putting in more hours than your body is comfortable with. Just like any other time, it is important Read more [...]

How to have a great and stress free holiday

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Luggage. Make sure you are travelling with reliable luggage – Always travel with luggage that is well suited for the trip. I love my anonymous sports bags as check in luggage, especially with a long layover since those bags attract zero attention. The can fit a lot and they are not vulnerable. For a more luxurious twist on your journey little beats LV suitcases, I love them. However, beware that they can attract unnecessary attention and many people have reported that their check in LV has showed Read more [...]

Top 4 Places To Visit in 2017

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With a new year just around the corner, many globe-trotters will already be itching to book their next adventure around the planet. So whether you’re looking to find the epicentre of Scandi-cool or are hunting down the new casino capital of the world, here are four awesome places to book your plane tickets to in 2017.   Hong Kong   Few cities can take your breath away like Hong Kong. This Chinese enclave has enough majestic skyscrapers to make New York tremble with envy, Read more [...]

What Accommodation Should You Stay in Based On Your Needs?

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Choosing accommodation for a short break or holiday can be tricky with so many options for you to pick from. Some may suit your needs better than others, but occasionally you might want to try something outside of your usual. We’ve found five different types of accommodation that you could book for your next trip, so be ready to think outside the box and be open to anything. ‘Glamping’ Pod A new craze bringing luxury into camping is glamping. If you’re not one for basic living, but wouldn’t Read more [...]

Great Travel Destinations You Can Reach By Car

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Everyone loves going on holiday and travelling around the world. However, plane tickets can be expensive and so it makes sense to take a break a bit more local. In this article, I thought I would help everyone out by coming up with some great holiday locations that you can reach by car from London. Let’s get started, shall we? Just prepare some light packing and fill up your car and you are ready to go on a car- vacation. Bath There’s a collection of great cities and towns all within a Read more [...]

Tech on the Go: 4 Gadgets to Ease Your Travel Time

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The moment you leave your home for vacation is the moment you cease to have any control over your environment. From that moment on, you are at the mercy of unforeseen circumstances. Flights are delayed, reservations are misplaced and the comforts of home are left behind. But like many modern problems, the age of technology provides solutions. Here are four high-tech gadgets that make you feel at ease even when you are far from your comfort zone. Noise-Canceling Headphones When you travel alone, Read more [...]

5 countries that are dream travel destinations for your honeymoon

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Choosing where to travel for your honeymoon can be a difficult decision. Some couples want to venture off to romantic cities, while others plan for something a little more relaxing. If you’re trying to pick a perfect destination for your upcoming honeymoon, then here are five countries that offer cheap holidays and are sure to give you and your loved one a time to remember. 1. Spain – Majorca on the Med Whether you want to simply laze on the beach, or explore historic sites and the outdoors Read more [...]