House sitting – luxury budget long term travel

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House sitting – luxury budget long term travel

When my husband and I decided to embark on an extended world trip we wanted to find a way we could afford to stay on the road for at least 2 years.  After all, it was our dream to travel long term so we wanted to make it for as long as possible!

However, I am a princess at heart and the thought of slumming it in cheap hostels did not appeal to me at all!  But how else could we afford to stay on the road long term?

Enter house sitting!  We decided we would house sit as we were traveling to keep our costs down to a minimum.  However, we soon discovered that not only would we be keeping our costs down to a bare minimum, we also realized my inner princess would get the luxury she was hoping for!
House sitting - luxury budget long term travel In the 14 months we have been traveling full time we have been very fortunate to stay in several very beautiful homes.  For those who are not familiar with house sitting, it is an exchange of services for free accommodation.  Those services usually include keeping the house neat and tidy, bringing in the mail and caring for the pets.  And as your payment, you are invited to stay in their home rent free while they are away on vacation.

Not a bad arrangement, wouldn’t you agree?  Traveling rent free is of course the biggest benefit to a long term traveler.  However, house sitting is also a great way to travel because you get the space of a whole house, as apposed to a single hotel room, and the luxuries that often come with it.

House sitting - luxury budget long term travel So what kind of luxury are we talking about here?  So far in our travels we have lived in a beach house in Florida with a pool set in a gorgeous tropical garden; a lux home on a small island on the water and the house full of all the mod cons a person could hope for; a newly renovated home in San Francisco with heated floor tiles and a large outdoor hot tub and a multi million dollar home with floor to ceiling windows overlooking a beautiful valley in Western Australia… Just to name a few!

And the luxury doesn’t stop with the house or the phenomenal views!  We have also house sat homes that come complete with a gardener, a pool guy and even a weekly maid service!  So all we needed to do was care for some amazing pets and relax the day away!

House sitting - luxury budget long term travel And then there are the cars!  Most homeowners leave their car for you to use while you housesit.  This is a handy addition to save costs on public transport or taxis. Our favorite was the Lexus SUV with heated seats!

House sitting is definitely our preferred method of travel and our experiences have all been wonderful!  Of course not all housesits are in million dollar homes but you can choose which level of luxury you want and apply only for those that suit your needs.

So while house sitting is a great way to save money while you travel its also a wonderful way to travel with a little bit of luxury! And lets face it, no traveler would say no to a little bit of luxury right?


House sitting - luxury budget long term travel Nicole and Michael are an Australian couple in who gave up their careers, sold their possessions and left their ‘conventional’ life behind for a life of travel. They have been living a nomadic life for 13 months and see no end in sight.

They recently launched Suitcase Stories, a website where they share their stories, travel tips and destination guides.  Their main goal for this website is to inspire others to travel and to show people how long term travel is not only possible but affordable. 

As avid house sitters Nicole and Michael want to share their experience and show others how a life of travel is not only possible but affordable through house sitting.

You can follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest also.

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BlondeBrunetteTravel // November 18th, 2013 - 7:17 pm

I always thought of housesitting as staying on farms or something but not as glam as you've done! I hope you don't mind that I share this post on our Facebook page – BlondeBrunetteTravel

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