Great Travel Destinations You Can Reach By Car

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Great Travel Destinations You Can Reach By Car

Everyone loves going on holiday and travelling around the world. However, plane tickets can be expensive and so it makes sense to take a break a bit more local. In this article, I thought I would help everyone out by coming up with some great holiday locations that you can reach by car from London. Let’s get started, shall we? Just prepare some light packing and fill up your car and you are ready to go on a car- vacation.


There’s a collection of great cities and towns all within a short driving distance from each other, but I settled for Bath instead of Bristol, Birmingham, or Cheltenham (which are all great city breaks, in their own right). Bath is a stunning city that is dripping with Roman history and culture. The baths themselves are the main tourist attraction, but in addition, the city has a beautiful river running through its heart, some incredible restaurants, and star attracting theatres.


Admittedly, this is a bit far to drive to, but the drive is so beautiful that it really doesn’t matter. Plus, if you have the time, you could stop off at a series of great locations and cities on the way to the Scottish capital. Edinburgh is actually this writer’s personal favourite city in the world and if you time your journey in August when the festival is on, you’ll find the most exciting and colourful place on the planet.

The local people are extremely nice and accommodating and there are a million and one things to pass the time in Edinburgh. Plus, once you get there you can also drive up north and visit some of the most rugged landscape in the country. I would make sure you restudy some driving theory, briefly, as you will find road signs that you have probably not seen since you did your test. It can also be a bit scary driving all that way if you aren’t completely comfortable with it. The last benefit of driving up to the Highlands is that you can also try and find Hogwarts.


After Scotland, why not try out another country that’s a part of the UK: Wales. Wales is an exceedingly beautiful country that’s also got a tiny population, which means there’s lots of incredible scenery without lots of people getting in the way of your travels. There are hundreds of stunning coastal towns that should definitely be visited if you want a seaside holiday, but if you want a city break, then there’s nowhere better in Wales than the capital: Cardiff. The city has a brilliant waterfront with trendy bars and restaurants as well as a bustling city centre that is perfect for any shoppers.


If the UK doesn’t do anything for you, then why not pop over to France, by popping on a ferry and voila, in less than an hour you’ll be eating croissants and drinking coffee outside a quaint bar in Paris. The perfect weekend city break, to be honest, is to just pop in your car and spend the time in France. Driving in France is easy and safe and you should have no problems. It’s also actually the biggest tourist destination in the world, so you’re clearly making the right decision.

To be honest, there are hundreds of locations within driving distance of London, but these are some of my personal favourites.

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