How to have a great and stress free holiday

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Luggage. Make sure you are travelling with reliable luggage – Always travel with luggage that is well suited for the trip. I love my anonymous sports bags as check in luggage, especially with a long layover since those bags attract zero attention. The can fit a lot and they are not vulnerable. For a more luxurious twist on your journey little beats LV suitcases, I love them. However, beware that they can attract unnecessary attention and many people have reported that their check in LV has showed up on the carousel slightly lighter then at check in. But remember nothing gives you better service from the hotel bellboys than arriving with smart luggage.


How to have a great and stress free holiday


Transport. A smooth transport to and from the airport is key. You do not want too much time nor to little at the airport before your flight. Nor do you want to spend time after arriving back home waiting for public transportation that include changes. Find a good reliable service, irrespectively if it is a bus company or Uber make sure it covers your needs and stays within budget. A tip if you are living In a large city is to do public transport one way and give yourself a splurge doing a private transfer the other way.


Lounge. Make sure you have access to a lounge, especially if you travel during peak hours or the day most airports are a crowded affair and after you have cleared security you might just want to sit down and drink a coffee in quietness. Of course this can be done at any restaurant outlet so it is surely not worth the premium cost of a business class flight just to get lounge access. However, if you are flying economy it is worth to consider either to be very loyal to your airline so that you achieve a status that allows lounge access alternatively look into schemes as Priority Pass or maybe your credit card offer a paid for access.


How to have a great and stress free holiday


Select the right destination. Sometimes we all just want is to escape! But to avoid disappointments and selecting a suitable destination for your holiday trip, it is important to do your homework. Or an equally good option is, let someone else do the homework. You surely want to avoid arriving to the bad weather season in the Caribbean as well as avoiding the worst summer heat in some Middle Eastern countries. The option of traveling with an experienced provider will definitely assure you to select the most suitable destination for your budget and time of the year.

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