How to stay relaxed on business trips

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Are you a frequent flyer that is constantly jetting off around the world from one business trip to another? Are you starting to feel like you live between planes and hotels? Constantly flying can be hugely unsettling for your body, with different time zones affecting your sleeping patterns and giving you jet lag. Also, if like many, you try to use all of your flight time to do work, then you’re probably putting in more hours than your body is comfortable with. Just like any other time, it is important to take breaks from work.


Just because you’re on a plane doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take frequent short breaks. Staring at a screen for prolonged amounts of time can cause eye strain, so always have regular breaks. If you are getting headaches when you spend time looking at a screen then you might need to be tested to see if you need to wear glasses or you may need a different of prescription glasses. You can get useful advice from the St George Eye Center.


As well as trying to have breaks while traveling, it is important to try and relax in the evening. If your hotel has a fitness suite and spa, then make the most of the facilities. You might not feel like doing much exercise after a long day of traveling and business meetings but the endorphins released during exercise will help you feel fresher, and it is good to get your legs moving after long flights.


It can be very tempting to be adventurous with your meals if you are staying somewhere new or want to try the local cuisine but sometimes this isn’t the best thing you can do for your body. Try and stick to food that you are more used to, at least until you feel less tired. When you are a bit run down, you will be much more prone to picking up illnesses, so listen to your body.


If you easily get bored on holiday and like to go to a bar to try and relax then don’t overdo it. Traveling and hangovers do not go well together and remember if you are tired you are more likely to feel the effects of alcohol.


Be realistic about how much you can get done on your business trip. If you are rushing to get back to your family or other work commitments, then you may try and cram too many meetings into too short a space of time. Sometimes it can be better to extend the trip by a day than to be less productive in your meetings and return home an exhausted mess. You only have one body, so look after it.

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Business trips can be largely unavoidable, but if you do have the option to cut down the frequency by using Skype or other forms of video conferencing, then your body will no doubt be very grateful. Frequent flying can have health effects that you’ve been too busy to notice, but if you’re feeling run down a lot, then that’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down.

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