How Drones and Robots Are Changing Business

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There are plenty of good things about the fact robotics and drone technology is becoming more advanced and more accessible – not least the fact that it is now possible for people to buy their own personal drones and robots to have fun with! Of course, no matter how cool and interesting it is experimenting with your own Follow Me Drone or night vision quadcopter, drones and robots are also used for less exciting but incredibly useful purposes too.

In businesses all over the world, investment in robotics and drone technology is allowing companies to offer convenience and service that was never possible before, as well as allowing them to improve how they function to become more cost effective.


How Warehouse Robotics Makes Fast Supply Possible

One of the main industries where robotics is already making a huge difference, both to companies and customers, is online retail. Major businesses in this sector like Amazon have made huge investments in robotics and believe these to already be saving millions of dollars every year in each supply hub that uses them. It is mainly thanks to the efficiency of these robots that Amazon are able to offer such fast delivery on their items, and this, in turn, has made it possible for them to create the Amazon Prime subscription service. Because they know that their supply chain management is efficient enough to offer next day delivery and guarantee it, even being able to, in some areas, promise an item will arrive by a certain time, they are able to add greater value to customers and see off rivals selling similar items with longer lead times. By making it a subscription service, they have a new revenue stream and can also encourage subscribers to use Amazon more to take full advantage.

The Roles Robots Fill

Robots and drones are used in the warehouses of big companies like Amazon for lots of purposes, from security and stock management to physically moving items. Even smaller businesses are beginning to see the advantages of doing this, and as robots and drones become less expensive, their use in supply chains is sure to increase so that even small independent companies begin using them for things like stock control. Outside of warehouses, robots are also used to move things around large sites, a good example being hospitals, where robots are used to transport things like medicines and laundry between nursing stations.

The Future

We can already assume the use of existing types of robots will spread and filter down to smaller businesses as they become cheaper to buy and less complex to manage. However, there are some interesting applications of drones and robots in business that are still in their infancy but could turn out to make a big difference. A good example of this is the experimentation into drones being used to deliver products direct to people’s homes.

Whether you are a robotics enthusiast or not, there is no denying the interesting and positive effects drones and other robots are already having on business and commerce.

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