Your Guide to Manchester’s Luxury Hotels

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Whether you’re off for the weekend to support one of Manchester’s football teams or you’re heading to Manchester Arena to see a show, there’s no better way of experiencing Manchester than in one of the many luxury hotels on offer. If you’re off to Manchester for a short stay, have a look at one of the hotels below to see if any of them suit your requirements.

1. Hotel Gotham

Hotel Gotham offers a unique stay for visitors travelling from all over the world. The hotel is known to have a funky vintage style, and when you first step inside your room, you’ll see why. Hotel Gotham offers an exquisite service for both new and previous hotel guests, and if you have a taste for great food, you’ll find the restaurant downstairs is a popular choice. Hotel Gotham isn’t the cheapest place to stay in Manchester, but it’s worth every penny for a unique experience.


2. Great John Street Hotel

Great John Street Hotel oozes beautiful design. If you’re keen on staying in Manchester for a few days, this eclectic hotel offers the perfect chance for you to take advantage of the many fashion outlets that are just a few steps away.

3. Roomzzz

If you’re looking to stay in a fully furnished hotel that offers modern décor as its main style, Roomzzz could be the option for you. Roomzzz is one of the most popular hotels in Manchester City, and it offers more than 50 apartment rooms for you to choose from. Roomzzz is based right in the middle of everything you need, so if you’re heading to Manchester Arena for the night to watch a show, you’ll find this hotel is in the perfect location.

4. Arora Hotel

Arora Hotel is a very well-reviewed hotel online, and there aren’t many better hotels in the Manchester city centre area. Arora Hotel offers the perfect getaway for both couples and business travellers looking for a place to stay in Manchester. The hotel offers all the facilities you need regarding free wi-fi, great bar, and great food in a modern restaurant.

Smart Tips When Travelling to Manchester

If you’ve never been to Manchester, you may find the below websites helpful when planning your stay.

  • Trivago – If the above hotels suit your needs, have a look at them in more detail using Trivago to see if you can find the best deals during your stay.
  • The Trainline – If you’re not driving to Manchester make sure you book a train ticket beforehand to avoid any last-minute price hikes.
  • Your Parking Space – If you’re driving to Manchester or you’re renting a car and your hotel doesn’t come with free parking, it’s worth comparing the nearby car parks and pre-booking parking.

Manchester offers plenty to do and see during your stay, so it’s important you find yourself a luxury hotel to add to the wonderful experience you’re guaranteed to get. By taking advantage of one of the above hotels you can be certain your jaw is going to drop to the floor as soon as you enter your room.

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