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GoodTaste Magazine UAE June 2014


“Not just for the rich and famous, The French Riviera has a reputation as a playground for beautiful people, but, as Malin Lundberg Müller discovers, there’s a lot more to the area than movie stars, jet setters and oligarchs”

GoodTaste Magazine UAE April 2014

“..Hong Kong keeps foodies well-entertained with a whopping 62 Michelin-starred restaurants. If you’re struggling to sift through them all, help is at hand thanks to fabulous travel guide Hautecompass.com 

GoodTaste Magazine UAE March 2014

 Cover GT“Scandinavias’s haute-est hotels…Malin Lundberg Müller suggests checking yourself into a quirky but cool Scandinavian designer hotel “

Mapping Megan USA February 2014

“..From the app you can also link into longer reviews which is great if you are sitting in your hotel browsing”

GoodTaste Magazine UAE January 2014

CoverGT1“..Haute Compass www. hautecompass.com which has an expertise beyond the traditional guidebooks. The company specialises in recommendations, insider tips and reviews of hotels, restaurants and shops in various destinations”

MiamiCurated USA January 2014

Featured in 9 eating tips for airline travel “…I am addicted to raw food bars and of course traveling is a good excuse for stocking up on them, my absolute favourites are the brand Raw Bite” Malin Lundberg Müller

HotelsClick.com January 2014

“5 favourites in Stockholm, the city on water “

Resekoll Sweden November 2013

“..Dubai är ett märkligt ställe som måste upplevas….Malin Lundberg Müller är grundare till det internationella reseguideföretaget Haute Compass sina favoriter i Dubai just nu.”

ELLE Germany August 2012

Cover Elle August 2012[1]“…Online-Travelguide hautecompass.com, der aktuell über die neuesten Hotspots und Geheimtipps rund um den Globus informiert..”

Friday Magazine UAE March 2012

friday“..Haute Compass, a unique luxury online travel guide which offers insider tips and recommendations on various destinations around the world including London, Milan, Stockholm, Hong Kong, New York and Dubai. The website also has an event calendar for top international social events”

Royal Monaco Riviera Monaco December 2011

“..découvrez un nouveau guide exclusif de voyage dans un format complètement repensé! “(…)”La variété des endroits décrits est immense”

Polo +10 Germany, November 2011

polo“HauteCompass ist kein gewöhnlicher Reiseführer(…) er bietet seiner anspruchsvollen Klientel wirkliche Insider-Tipps und exklusive Informationen zu den Top-Locations in den aufregendsten Städten der Welt”

Magazin 24 Sweden September 2011

Layalina Magazine UAE July 2011


Glamour Germany Juni 2011

glamour“Dafür wiederum hat aber der Lifestyle-Online-Travelguide HauteCompass.com einige überzeugende Argumente und Insider-Tipps parat”